Task Registration

As an open venue of shared task organization, BioNLP-OST seeks to host diverse tasks. Tasks may be organized using various formats and tools. However, for participants who will be interested in multiple tasks, BioNLP-OST offers PubAnnotation as a common platform.

PubAnnotation is a public repository of text annotation, which is focused on literature of life sciences. The system itself is an open source project, of which the source code is available at github. Anyone who produces text annotation can deposit her/his annotation to it.

For participants who are familiar with other formats than the PubAnnotation format, converters to various common formats are being prepared and will be released soon.

To offer a shared task through BioNLP-OST, you are asked to

  1. To prepare your data sets at PubAnnotation (See instructions here)
  2. To prepare your task homepage with sufficient information about your task.
    • You may want to make a link to your data set at PubAnnotation from your homepage.
  3. To send an e-mail to oc@bionlp-ost.org with following information
    • The address of your homepage
    • The address of your shared task data at PubAnnotation

Then, your task will be listed in the tasks page of BioNLP-OST. When it is determined necessary, comments from the committee of BioNLP-OST will be delivered.