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  • BMP Bioinformatics on Recent Preocesses with BioNLP Open Shared Tasks - [Part 1] [Part 2]

We are pleased to announce the special issue of BMC Bioinformatics on BioNLP Open Shared Tasks (BioNLP-OST).

BMC Bioinformatics is a premier open-access journal, whose 5-year impact factor is 2.970, as of 2019. It is ranked in the 1st quartile in the area of “Mathematical & Computational Biology”, by the Journal Citation Report of Thomson Reuters (ISI). All the articles will become immediately available upon publication, and will be indexed by PubMed, Science Citation Index Extended, ACM, and Scopus, and also included in the PubMed Central archive.

We solicit full research papers which are facilitated by the resources of BioNLP Open Shared Tasks 2019. Prospective submissions include (but are not limited to) research results on the tasks, solutions, systems, or resources around BioNLP-OST 2019. Submission is open to the public, as long as the research is conducted around the resources of BioNLP-OST 2019.

Please note that recently publishers strictly reject duplicate publications, and that the papers of the BioNLP-OST 2019 workshop are considered as proper publications. If you are planning to submit an extended version of a workshop paper, it must include a substantial amount of previously unpublished content to be admissible. The content of the workshop papers should be cited when necessary, and the same content should not be repeated unnecessarily.

All submissions will undergo full peer review by 3 reviewers. While the capacity of the special issue is flexible, we estimate that around 10 - 15 papers will be accepted for the special issue. When preparing your manuscript, please follow the author guidelines of BMC Bioinformatics.

Please note also the following:

  • The submissions should be made through a dedicated submission site. See the submission instructions below.

  • For publication of accepted papers, the authors have to be prepared to pay the article-processing charges, which will be a much discounted price compared to the regular issue publication, approximately 1,200 GBP.

Submission Instructions



  • Jin-Dong Kim

  • Robert Bossy

  • Louise Deleger

  • Claire Nedellec

  • Martin Krallinger

  • Kevin Bretonnel Cohen